An Post offer a UK depot delivery service for us Irish folk. I registered for it (free!!) last summer, and totally forgot about it until I really needed it this May.

I’d never really noticed any products that were strictly available in the UK only, and not to us here in Ireland, but I said it’d be something I might use down the line. When you register, you get a little AddressPal card sent to you by An Post, detailing your UK postal address to use when ordering online. There are, of course, restrictions with regards to weight and size of parcels, and what it is you’re having delivered, which are outlined here. You also need to choose a Post Office to collect your parcel from, as they don’t deliver them your home / work address.

I have a black-tie event coming up, and as I trawled through the millions of online boutiques in Ireland and the UK, there was just one dress that caught my eye… and it happened to be on sale! The catch? It was a V by Very dress, on, who only ship to the UK. I was soooo annoyed.

LIGHTBULB MOMENT!! I then remembered that I had an account with AddressPal. Typically, I’d lost the card they’d sent me, but the address was on my account on their website anyway so it turned out just fine. Dress ordered, confirmation email received… then I started to panic. Had I typed the address exactly as my AddressPal was? Would they deliver to a depot? My head was wrecked from trying to email the company as they only respond to enquiries within the Very account.

My dress was delivered by Yodel (courier service) the following working day, and after corresponding via email, they reassured me it had been delivered to the correct address and signed for by “Pall”. I emailed the folks at AddressPal, but they said they couldn’t confirm parcels until they were shipped to Ireland and had been scanned at the client’s designated post office. I was a bit iffy about the whole scenario at this point.

Three days after my delivery confirmation from Yodel, I got a text from AddressPal saying that my parcel had arrived, and was ready for collection. I didn’t have my card from them but I brought a printout of my AddressPal details and my driving licence, it was fine with them. €3.75 and a digital signature, I had my dress! All within four working days from when I ordered it.



While I was left uncertain that my dress had been sent to the right place in the UK (I had horrors of some random person receiving my dress!!), I think this service is so handy. Cheap as chips, and really quick.

You can register for an AddressPal account here.